Monday, September 24, 2018

Spectrum Noirs

Hi everyone this is my first blog entry and i am so excited to present it to you. The card community is wonderful and far larger than i ever imagined. Im not entirely sure how to work everything on this yet, but i guess we all have to start somewhere. Thanks for checking it out.

Before i found out about the whole other world of crafting on Instagram and all the amazing companies in America i had purchased some alcohol markers from my local craft store. The markers i purchased were Spectrum Noirs, i now have a full set of 216 markers. I only really started knowing abut copics within the last 6 months. I have debated buying copics but i think its something i will do in the near future as i dont think it would be fair to neglects my SN considering i have a full set. I found that there wasnt many videos out there to really explain about getting the best results and colouring tutorials with SN as much as there is with copic markers. So my first blog entry is about colour combinations i have found that work for me using my SN markers. I am not an expert in SN markers but ive had alot of time to practice with them and i get some great results and found mostly 2 colour combos that work for me. I use a colour chart to help me decide what colours are most alike and that helps me get the best blending results.

Below i have coloured images from Lawn Fawns Critters ever after and i will begin to  share the colour combos on the dragons that i have coloured.

Body: DR7,CR11
Wings and Chest: GB6,CT2
Spikes: BGR1,BGR3
Spots: DR7

Body: LV2, PL3,HB3
Spots: LV3
Wings and Chest: BO4,GB6

Body BT6,GT1,AB1
Spots BT9
Wings and Chest: BGR1,BGR3
Spikes: HB1,HB2

I hope this helps other Spectrum Noir users to colour something today or even use my combos thanks for reading have a great day.

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